Searching for Bosch Dishwasher Parts Just Got Easier

Let's all be honest for a second, with rare exceptions, most of us don't like doing the dishes. The television commercials with people standing around smiling while toweling off a plate aren't exactly realistic. However, if you own a Bosch dishwasher, maybe those smiles aren't all that far off. If you are lucky enough to own one of the top-rated dishwashers in America, you want to keep it in tip-top shape, of course. If something goes wrong, you have two choices -- you can call a repairman who will charge ​you, or you can do it yourself using the best Bosch dishwasher parts you can find.

Pay no attention to dramatic television shows where do-it-yourself projects go horribly wrong and the house burns down. We have the internet now, and it's easier than you think. A couple of the sites you can order these parts from employ people that you can chat with who can even help you diagnose the problem. Whether you are new at do-it-yourself projects or not, the following information is going to help you right out of a jam. Where, exactly, do you turn to find the best Bosch dishwasher parts to fix that sweet machine? We have the answers you need.

How the Parts Were Reviewed


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First, let's talk about how we reviewed these parts. We listed the most commonly bought Bosch dishwasher parts. Then, we researched all the online companies where you could purchase those parts, manufactured by both Bosch and, in some cases, created in the aftermarket by another company. To ensure that the businesses that sell the parts are reputable, we also read extensive reviews about them. Here is what we learned, both good and bad.

The Most Important Parts for Everyday Use/most Purchased

Bosch dishwashers are German-engineered to last as long as possible. However, with all those electronic components, moving parts, and the damp heat, eventually, something is going to break. The most commonly replaced parts include the spray arms, mounting brackets, hoses, filters, wheel replacements, door gaskets, and cutlery baskets. Other companies produce some of these parts at a much lower price point than the ones Bosch makes. Since you obviously want the best Bosch dishwasher parts you can find, are the off-brands worth it? It turns out that, yes, sometimes there are aftermarket parts that come highly rated and reviewed.

Where to Buy Reputable and Genuine Parts

Where can you go for your parts? The aftermarket parts that we found are located on Amazon, which is great because that means we have access to all those reviews. However, some parts are only made by Bosch, but you can buy them from other retailers. For each part, we found out which one of these options is the best deal, as well as shipping information, and reviews of the company. With this guide, it's easy to find the best Bosch dishwasher parts.

The sites looked at were AppliancePartsPros, RepairClinic, and Amazon. Of course, we also researched the parts on Out of these sites, Amazon is the only one that does not have experts on standby to help you diagnose your machine. It's easy to assume that because the other sites offer that extra service they will be more expensive than Amazon. What we found, though, was that this is not always the case. AppliancePartsPros and RepairClinic have about the same promises of shipping costs and times. Out of those two, however, AppliancePartsPros has the highest customer satisfaction by far, and the fewest complaints online. RepairClinic has complaints about shipping times and mix-ups of that nature. Both RepairClinic and AppliancePartPros have instructional videos on their sites, as well, for those of us who need a little extra help.

Make sure you order the right part for your machine

On AppliancePartsPros' and RepairClinic's websites, they offer a failsafe to ensure that you get the best Bosch dishwasher part for your machine. For each site, after you click on the item and go to the main page for that item, scroll to the bottom. While on RepairClinic's item page, you will see a list of item numbers towards the lower part of the page. Check those numbers against the number printed on the part you are replacing. On AppliancePartsPros' site, scroll down on the item's main page, as well. There is a text field at the bottom where you can enter your machine's model number and the database will do the work for you.

Let's Talk About the Best Replacement Bosch Dishwasher Parts

The most commonly purchased Bosch dishwasher parts are spray arms, mounting brackets, hoses, filters, wheel replacements, door gaskets, and cutlery baskets. Let's dig in and find out where to find the best Bosch dishwasher parts online.

Spray arms

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Depending on if you have hard water or not, there are several things that can go wrong with your dishwasher's spray arms. The holes can become clogged, or the part can simply break as they work really hard when the machine is running. Either way, it is not uncommon to have to replace a spray arm in your dishwasher. For our purposes, we compared a center spray arm with a hose connector.

Mounting brackets

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For the purpose of this discussion, we will talk about the mounting brackets you use to connect the dishwasher to the wall since these tend to wear out the most frequently. These mounting brackets are only manufactured by Bosch, so let's take a look at the most convenient place to order these Bosch dishwasher parts.



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Next, we are going to talk about hoses and hose connections again. Like we said before, houses with hard water tend to be very hard on appliances that use that water daily. Sometimes, to get the dishwasher back into proper working order, you need some new Bosch dishwasher parts, including hoses and hose connections.

For this discussion, we will talk about the most expensive hose for the Bosch dishwasher, the water inlet hose. This hose is available from Bosch's site and you can order a five-foot section of hose. In this case, though, there is an aftermarket option to take a look at, as well.



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Now, the filters on our dishwashers work really hard, depending on how good we are at rinsing the dishes. If you are in a house with children, grown or not, you are probably going to have to replace your filter at some point. For this discussion, we will talk about the three-piece microfilter. 

RepairClinic also has a less expensive microfilter or you can check with AppliancePartsPros for options around the same price.

Wheel replacements

wheel replacement

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The wheels that the racks use to roll in and out of the dishwasher are used frequently and hold a lot of weight at times, which causes eventual failures. For this discussion, we are going to talk about the wheels for the lower rack. These Bosch dishwasher parts are available directly from the manufacturer. Let's see if we can do a little better than that, though.

In this case, we can definitely do better. Amazon has some excellent aftermarket Bosch dishwasher parts, including some packages of these wheels.The other two sites also have sets of wheels available.

Door gasket

With all the heat and moisture our dishwashers must endure, the gasket, or seal around the door, wears out pretty quickly. It's really simple to do this fix at home yourself. There are highly-rated aftermarket versions of this gasket available, and Bosch makes them but does not sell them on its website directly.

Cutlery basket

This handy cutlery basket is one of the most popular after-market purchases online at the moment. It's available on Bosch's website. You can get this basket, or something very much like it on the other three sites, as well. We found the most appealing choices for each site.

Now You Know

And now, folks, you know exactly where to shop for those Bosch dishwasher parts. Remember, doing it yourself isn't nearly as scary as it might seem. I have fixed cars, washing machines, and broken toys. It's certainly better than shelling out hundreds of dollars to a stranger with no assurances that they can do the job either. Empower yourself and do the right thing for your dishwasher. Especially now that you know exactly where to go for the best Bosch dishwasher parts available on the internet.

Doing that project yourself? Let us know how it went in the comments.


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