The SHE3AR75UC Ascenta: Bosch Dishwasher Review and Guide

Picture this: You and your family are sitting down to dessert. The dirty dishes are in the Ascenta SHE3AR75UC and quietly churning away. Rather than shouting over the sound of that 1970s monster you’ve had forever, you’re able to enjoy each other’s company. Grandma’s quiet voice is heard as she recalls a story from her childhood. Everyone is enjoying her nostalgic anecdote of when she was a little girl, and how her Grandmother taught her to cook the very dessert you all just finished eating. What a beautiful family evening indeed!

I cherish moments spent with my family and look forward to big family gatherings. However, I have never been a fan of the clean-up. The first house I ever lived in did not have a dishwasher, and so my mom and all the kids spent most of the party trapped in the kitchen. My mom washed, and the kids dried plates and utensils while listening to the laughter and pure silliness enjoyed by the party guests in the other room. I still remember how envious I was of the other family members who could sit and relax during the get-together.

If we had an Ascenta SHE3AR75UC to use instead of our hands, my mom and all the children could have been relaxing with the rest of the family while our dirty plates and silverware were scrubbed clean.

About The Bosch Ascenta SHE3AR75UC

Bosch is well-known for designing quiet dishwashing appliances, but the Ascenta SHE3AR75UC model is the quietest thus far. Oh, and the benefits of using the SHE3AR75UC do not stop there. There are plenty of more delightful features as well. Not only does the SHE3AR75UC dishwasher almost soundlessly wash your dishes, but it also has a delicate cycle that is so gentle, your Grandmother’s china can be cleaned without fear of cracking or scratching. So, put down that soft cloth and don’t worry about clumsily snapping the tiny teacup handle, because the SHE3AR75UC can handle all of your delicate dinnerware items.

The Ascenta SHE3AR75UC model offers features that could entice any future buyer and range from energy efficiency to the visually appealing sleek stainless steel tub. Any dream kitchen layout would not be complete without a dream dishwasher. Read below to learn more about how the SHE3AR75UC could be the right dishwasher to complete your kitchen design.

Quick guide

The Ascenta SHE3AR75UC model offers six washing cycles, including a heavy wash for when the dirty dishes have been piling up and an express wash that cleans your dishes in under 30 minutes! Hosting a holiday dinner party tonight, but you forgot to clean the gravy boat and the fancy silverware? No need to worry! Load them in the dishwasher and select the express cycle. The Bosch SHE3AR75UC will have your dishes ready for the table in no time.

The washing cycle buttons, as well as the sanitize and delay start options, align the face of the recessed handle for convenient selection. In just one simple push of a button, your dishes will be sanitized of germs and set for washing a day later. If you tend to load the dishwasher but forget to run it, this is a helpful option. So, you can cross “wash dishes” off of your to-do list. Along with these button options, there is a timer lit in red that will let you know how much time is remaining in the dishwashing cycle. How convenient!


The Ascenta SHE3AR75UC model is a Bosch brand dishwasher, and Bosch rightfully boasts as one of the quietest brands of dishwashers around. The Ascenta SHE3AR75UC is a practically soundless addition to any household. The sound reduction system maintains a 50 decibel sound level, allowing for a very quiet washing cycle.

A need that comes to mind for any kitchen activity is safety. Dishwasher doors have been known to pop open, and the silverware within can be quite dangerous in the hands of the wrong person. The safety-latching feature along with the recessed handle can help ensure tiny fingers don’t get a hold of anything hazardous or fragile. If your family-size is increasing, these features of the SHE3AR75UC model are sure to quell any fears of child injury.

Over the years, dishwasher design has come quite a long way in product development. The Ascenta SHE3AR75UC model has a sanitization option to use while drying your plates and glasses. Eliminating bacteria after every wash will come in handy every cold and flu season. A user-friendly electronic control panel offers 6 dishwashing cycles for a maximum of 14 place settings. Steam is not a function of this model, nor is hard-food disposal. However, the Ascenta SHE3AR75UC does utilize a filtration system.

The SHE3AR75UC offers leak protection along with a hybrid stainless steel tub. The design allows for durability that should last for many messy meals to come. Additionally, this model is an energy-efficient appliance with an annual energy usage of 269-kilowatt hours. ENERGY STAR rated, the SHE3AR75UC uses EcoSense technology, which makes this large purchase quite economical. A few customers experienced issues with the sensors. The sensor problems have, at times, caused an influx of error codes. The error codes have become an irritant to some buyers.

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Comparable Brands

Bosch is a recognizable brand, and we’ll note the similarities and differences among other well-known brands. All of these dishwashers are quiet running, stainless steel, and offer front controls.


The GE dishwasher model offers a white stainless steel tub, hard food disposer, and filter. The electronic control panel is easy to operate and very user-friendly. It includes 4 dishwashing cycles and can wash a maximum of 16 place settings at once. Although there are no special features, the GDF570SGJWW offers a sanitation rinse for a disinfectant dishwashing cycle, as well as a pre-wash steam function.

The GDF570SGJWW is not ENERGY STAR rated, however, the model is still economical. The maximum energy usage is 270-kilowatt hours per year. You can save money while also limiting your carbon-footprint — not a bad idea.

The GE dishwasher model uses a sound reduction system. Due to a 48 decibel motor, it is hushed to run. The GDF570SGJWW comes with a one-year limited warranty. An efficient cleaner of dirty dishes while remaining very quiet, this GE dishwasher model has been reported as having issues with the bowing of the stainless steel tub front. The bowing may or may not be an issue depending upon the counter depth.

LG Electronics LDF5545ST

The [amazon link=”B01KAOOXE4″ title=”LG Electronics dishwasher model”] is an ENERGY STAR rated appliance that uses a maximum of 258-kilowatt hours of energy per year. The LDF5545ST offers 9 dishwashing cycles, an easy-to-use digital control panel, and can wash a maximum of 15 place settings. The LDF5545ST does not provide a steam function, but “rinse and hold” is one of the nine cycles and can come in handy when you’re slow to fill the stainless-steel tub. This in-between wash cycle can keep dirty dishes from becoming hard to wash with stuck-on food.

A sanitation setting along with a “night dry” function allows for disinfected and droplet-free dishware ready to use by morning. Although there is no hard food dispenser, this dishwasher model does possess a filtration system and adjustable racks. The adjustability allows for proper washing of large pots and pans. The LG Electronics dishwasher is also a very quiet machine due to sound-reducing technology with a 48 decibel sound level.

Included with this model are several warranties, such as 1 year for labor and parts, 5 years for the control board and rack, and 10 years for the practically soundless motor. Some buyers complained of issues with the plates not being as dry as expected. Also, the washing cycle is quite long — approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. However, the many manufacturer warranties, including a lifetime warranty for the lining and tub, make this model a great option.

Pros and Cons

The Ascenta SHE3AR75UC model, like all appliances, has pros and cons. Depending on your buying needs, the pros can most definitely outweigh the cons for this dishwasher model. Some advantages are the energy efficiency, the quiet dishwashing cycles, as well as the sanitation setting. Along with these are the express wash cycle, which can have your dishes cleaned in under 30 minutes, and the delicate cycle so no more handwashing fragile dishware.

Some of the features, however, are consistent with other brands such as the ones noted previously. Bringing us to the cons, other dishwasher models can offer more dishwashing cycles at an even quieter volume. Also, different models can hold more place settings than the 14 maximum for the SHE3AR75UC dishwasher. Steam is not a function for the Ascenta SHE3AR75UC model either, and the warranty is limited for one year. See below for a more detailed comparison.


  • ENERGY STAR rated/ EcoSense Technology
  • 24/7 Overflow leak protection
  • Sound reducing technology
  • Sanitization capability
  • Delicate dishwashing cycle
  • Express dishwashing cycle (Under 30 minutes)
  • Safe self-latching door
  • Save money: less water and energy usage


  • No hard food disposer
  • No steam function
  • Limited in size and cycles: 6 washing cycles, 14 places setting maximum
  • Warranty offered: Limited one-year
  • No utensil separator

Overall, the SHE3AR75UC seems to be the most energy-efficient model. The GE does not offer an ENERGY STAR rating but can hold more dirty dishes within the tub. The LG Electronics has a tier-one ENERGY STAR rating as compared to the tier two ENERGY STAR rating for the Bosch Ascenta SHE3AR75UC model. Also, the LG Electronics has more cycles and can hold more dishware. The buyer would need to choose between the most energy-efficient. Or, choose a dishwasher with more dishwashing cycles as well as the ability to clean more place settings at a time. The needs of the buyer would be the deal-breaker when deciding among which of these three dishwashers to buy.

Dishwasher Selection

Energy efficiency is vital when choosing an appliance. The SHE3AR75UC not only benefits your lifestyle now but can save your household money in the future. The SHE3AR75UC model may not hold the most table place settings as compared to the GE and LG Electronics models, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in overall savings in the years to come. Choose the SHE3AR75UC, and you will not only cut back on water usage, but energy usage as well due to the EcoSense Technology.

The Ascenta SHE3AR75UC model is not a limited dishwasher either. This model can wash a maximum of 14 place settings and has 6 dishwashing cycles which include a delicate wash. The express wash cycle is also hugely convenient. What is not to love about an efficient and fast appliance? The Bosch Ascenta SHE3AR75UC dishwasher may not wash as many dirty dishes or have as many cycle selections, but the energy efficiency tied in with the convenience factor make this model quite the contender among other kitchen appliances.

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