KDTE254ESS Kitchen Aid Dishwasher Review

Kitchen Aid kdte254ess dishwasher with table wares on top

KitchenAid is a leader in household appliances. The company specializes in dishwashers, small handheld kitchen appliances, ranges, and cooktops. The Kdte254Ess dishwasher is one of the many KitchenAid models available to homeowners.

Comparison Table

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When choosing a new dishwasher, the price is an essential factor. But, you also have to think about the overall functionality of the machine, too. How well it cleans, if it is energy efficient, what settings it has, and different cleaning cycles to select. Comparing several dishwashers by top manufacturers is the best way to find the right model for your home ultimately. Not only regarding usability and design, but also in picking an appliance which best fits into your overall kitchen layout. Comparing the Kdte254Ess alongside other market options allows you to find the most functional dishwasher for your kitchen.

About KitchenAid

KitchenAid is a leading manufacturer of kitchen and household appliances since 1919. The company manufactures cutlery, mixers, ranges, and is other appliances including dishwashers. The parent company of KitchenAid is Whirpool, one of the most well-known brands in the US, and worldwide.

With a long-standing reputation for quality and performance, KitchenAid continually manufactures reliable appliances. Homeowners considering the KDTE254ESS dishwasher can rely on the quality, design, and material quality.

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Key Features

The Kdte254Ess dishwasher is a great option for homeowners looking for efficiency and ease of use. The dishwasher features a sleek, stainless steel finish, which blends in perfectly with any kitchen decor. It is also available in black and white models for homeowners looking for a more affordable option.

Regardless of whether functionality, performance, or design are most important to customers, the Kdte254Ess delivers on all fronts. With an elegant tub finish, it fits perfectly into compact spaces. It looks good, and it operates just as efficiently as consumers would hope. Some of the critical design elements of this dishwasher model include:

  • The Proscrub clean cycle, which features 40 jets targeting dishes while scrubbing.
  • The Prowash cycle, which senses soil levels to adjust cleaning to remove stuck on soil automatically.
  • Quiet, with just 39 decibels of sound while in operation
  • A third washing rack is also adjustable.

The machine also has an Energy Star certification, meaning it won't cost much to operate annually. Heat drying performance is also superior to air dry, which is available through most competitor dishwashers. This feature also helps dry dishes faster after finishing the wash cycle on the Kdte254Ess.

What We Like and Dislike About the Kdte254Ess Dishwasher

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There are many great features which help set the KDTE254ESS dishwasher apart from its competitors. As with most things in life, there are a few downsides as well.

What we liked

The elegant design and high tub finish go well with any kitchen landscape and decor. The movement of the three racks is also a welcome design feature. It allows homeowners to easily adjust dishes and place settings to fit more in the dishwasher. This feature and the Prowash cycle, which changes to adapt to soil levels, ensures dishes come out clean after each wash.

The 40 jets inside the machine also operate throughout the entire device. This feature means water pressure is coming from the sides, top, and bottom. This design aspect better helps remove stuck-on food and tough grease, ensuring dishes come out clean. The quiet operation is a nice feature also. At 39 decibels, it is barely noticeable when the dishwasher is operating. That's quieter than a normal conversation! It also features six wash cycles, and this helps better reduce energy consumption. The delay start also allows homeowners to choose optimal run times, maximizing efficiency.

What we didn't

The price of the dishwasher is a little high in a competitive market. That also includes competitor KitchenAid dishwashers which are much lower in price.

Owners also report system malfunctions to occur with this model. As long as the machine is under warranty, it isn't a big deal. But, beyond that period, homeowners will pay repair costs and costs for replacing parts if necessary.

The machine has six wash cycles, but in a competitive market, this is much lower than what some competitors offer. Many offer as many as 10 to 12 cleaning modes for owners to select. Apart from these minor issues, not many problems are present with the KitchenAid dishwasher.

KDTE254ESS Functionality

It is important that a dishwasher is simple to operate and functional when owners need it most. From dinner parties to baking with the kids, there are times you don't want to do the dishes. In these instances, the Kdte254Ess dishwasher will do the job. These are a few of the overall design aspects consumers will appreciate if they choose to invest in this model.


The ProWash and ProCycle set this machine apart from competitors. With 40 jets to scrub dishes and silverware, stuck on food and grease clean off easily. Dishes come out sparkling with each wash. The final rinse cycle of the machine is 155 degrees Fahrenheit. That helps kill off bacteria and eliminate oil, grease, and burned-on messes. With the heat dry feature, this also ensures dishes aren't soaking wet after the wash. The machine also has a filter wash system. It helps keep water clean in the dishwasher, removing food particles better when in operation.


A sleek stainless steel finish looks great in any kitchen. The dishwasher also has a third rack, which might not be visible upon opening the machine. The top-control touchpad isn't visible when owners close the device, either. This element helps maintain fine balance at all times. The hidden third rack opens up the interior capacity. It not only allows users to put more dishes in but also folds away easily when not in use.


Even with longer utensils or large bowls and dishes, the third rack makes washing dishes a breeze in this dishwasher. It adjusts to two different height settings. Additionally, all three levels adapt to varying height levels. It allows owners to utilize space efficiently, no matter what they place in the dishwasher.

The upper rack has a fold-down cup shelf. And, there are also stemware slots so small items won't move while the KDTE254ESS dishwasher is operating. SatinGlide Max Rails also make it easier to adjust the levels and pull racks in and out of the machine. This design helps improve efficiency when loading and unloading the dishwasher.

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How We Chose to Review the Kdte254Ess Dishwasher

We reviewed the KDTE254ESS dishwasher largely via comparison against competitor models. In our review, we consider the design, size, and wash features. The number of cycles, cleaning modes, and efficiency ratings. The sound levels, safety features, and overall design are also aspects we consider. Lastly, we include user/owner reviews. Doing this enables us to provide actual details by owners, so consumers understand how the dishwashers operate.

Where to Buy

The KitchenAid dishwasher is available through many different online retailers. Best Buy, Amazon, and Lowes carry this model. 

Comparable Dishwasher Models

When comparing the KitchenAid Kdte254Ess against other dishwashers, there are several brands and models to look at. These are a few of the top options to consider when choosing a new dishwasher for the home.

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Like the Kdte254Ess model, this Samsung dishwasher also features a third rack design. Controls are built into the top handle, so they are not visible when the dishwasher is not in use.

This heavy-duty dishwasher eliminates the need to pre-rinse dishes before washing them. It is 44 decibels while in operation, so it is a little louder than the KitchenAid model — yet still fairly quiet. The exterior is a black stainless steel finish. A nice feature is its interior, which has a stainless steel finish. This design eliminates odors if the machine remains wet after wash cycles.

There is an upper, lower, and cutlery rack in this dishwasher. It has a flex load system, allowing owners to adjust rack heights for taller or wider dishes. The digital leak sensor is a great safety feature. If it senses water overloading, it will shut off automatically. The autorelease door also automatically opens once the machine finishes the washing cycle. This machine also has six wash modes like the Kdte254Ess. However, it also features a sanitize mode.

A few reviewers indicate the racks begin to rust after extensive use. The short warranty period of just one year limits the protection on these issues when they start to arise. The machine is a little louder than competitor models as well. So, it is noticeable while it is operating, especially on more powerful wash modes.

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This GE dishwasher is also 24 inches like the Kdte254Ess KitchenAid model. It features the adjustable third rack design also. It features four jets to reach difficult areas. This design helps remove stuck-on food, plus grease on larger pots and pans. A food disposer mashes up large food particles, preventing them from jamming the filtration system. Adjustable racks can move up or down 2.5 inches, giving owners more room for tall pots.

The dishwasher features a full-extension, natural gliding rack. It makes it easy to load and unload the dishwasher after each use. It has a hidden vent dry system as well. This feature better removes water from bowls and ensures dishes come out dry. A floor protection mode detects leaks before they occur. The design helps prevent water damage by shutting off the dishwasher if it detects a possible leak.

The machine does feature a plastic interior lining. Owners complain this results in odors if the machine remains wet after the wash and dry cycles are complete. Additionally, some reviewers complain of the high noise levels while the machine is operating. At 45 dBA, it is louder than the Kdte254Ess, and also the Samsung model in our review.

[amazon link=”B01KAOOXE4″ title=”LG Quadwash Dishwasher” /]

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This dishwasher features a fingerprint-resistant black matte finish. So, even if the kids are playing or if the machine is continuously running, the exterior won't get dirty. It features an EasyRack three-level design. This feature allows owners to quickly adjust height settings to fit more large pots and pans in the dishwasher.

It also has individual silverware racks. This feature helps keep them in place and prevents small items from moving when the dishwasher is running. The machine has an Energy Star Certification like the Kdte524Ess model, so it doesn't cost much to operate annually.

It features the most wash cycles out of all the dishwashers, with a total of nine settings. It includes a hard wash cycle, plus quick wash cycles for smaller messes. There is a smart diagnosis IQ system built-in. This feature allows owners to troubleshoot the dishwasher on a smartphone app, and determine the best fixes.

The price of this machine is nearly double the cost of the others on the comparison list. At 44 dBA, it is also louder than the KitchenAid dishwasher. It is efficient when washing dishes. It does, however, leave some items wet after rinsing and drying cycles are complete. Some owners also complain that the settings are difficult to navigate. And with so many options, some people say it is hard to determine which wash mode is most appropriate for the soil levels on their dishes.

How Does the Kdte254Ess Stack up vs. Competitors?

There are hundreds of dishwashers to consider when purchasing a new one for your home. The Kdte254Ess is a great option for many homes. It is efficient, features several wash cycles, and it is the best drying machine on this list. With the heat dry sensors, it dries dishes efficiently, so they are completely dry once the dishwasher turns off.

The 40 jets in the KitchenAid model is a much greater number than comparable dishwashers. It cleans more efficiently and targets stuck-on food and grease more efficiently as well. With the adjustable trays, this dishwasher allows owners to adjust racks to fit larger pots and pans easily. Therefore, fewer cleaning cycles are necessary to clean all plate settings after a meal. Especially with cooking trays or large bowls in need of cleaning at the end of the day, you'll find yourself laboring far less. The low operation volume is also a nice design element. This is especially true for those who don't want to hear the dishwasher when it's running.

The KDTE254ESS dishwasher isn't the cheapest model on the list. But, the quality, efficiency, and excellent cleaning modes make it a great option for many homeowners. For those who want reliability and efficiency, this KitchenAid dishwasher delivers on all fronts.


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