Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher: The Best Models to Look

Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher

Every homeowner wants to own the latest and best appliances. With the Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher, the family member in charge of cleanup will genuinely appreciate the mighty machine. Washing the dishes is one of the chores family members hate most. A great dishwasher makes the job easier than hand cleaning every cup, plate, and utensil after dinner.

Not all dishwashers feature advances in technology. Sever spin and wash cycles, stainless-steel finishes, and modern details, are some features homeowners look for today. You no longer have to pre-rinse dishes before washing them with a modern dishwasher. The design reduces how long it takes you to complete your chores. Kids will flock to the task of dishwashing, rather than run from it as they’ve done in the past. They’ll leave vacuuming and laundry to their siblings, and reap the benefits of technological advances in a modern dishwasher.

About the Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher

The Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher is available in 30 different models. With adaptive features, modern technologies, and smart advances, dishwashing no longer feels like a chore. The dishwashers are available in white, black, and stainless-steel finishes. This series is the latest by the Bosch family product line. It has the backing of one of the leading manufacturers in Bosch. So, customers can rely on the quality, no matter which series they invest in from the 800 series line.

Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher Design

When buying a dishwasher, functional design is an important feature. The Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher delivers on this front. It eliminates the need to pre-rinse dishes. It also has a quiet operation, speed cycles, and several cleaning modes to select. The dishwasher also features new technologies and is efficient, reducing overall electric costs and water consumption.

No pre-rinse cycle necessary

With Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher, homeowners no longer need to wash the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. PrecisionWash features intelligent scanners, to determine soil levels. Therefore, the dishwasher automatically adjusts to clean dishes, no matter how much food is on the surface. Precision spray arms reach stuck on food, so the dishes come out sparkling after each cycle.

Quiet operation

German engineers manufacture the most silent dishwasher brand in the United States. Multiple insulation levels help reduce overall noise levels while the machine is operating. The detergent tray holds tablets in place, so they don’t rattle, reducing noise levels. Its grindless, triple-food filtration system, also reduces noise levels.

Easy loading

The MyWay Rack is another innovation in the Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher line. It allows homeowners to place spatulas, whisks, cereal bowls, and other items, accordingly in the dishwasher. This design eliminates rattling and ensures users can fit everything in one cycle, to reduce cleaning times.

Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher Modern Updates

The series also features some sharp technological and design details, resulting in significant improvements from the 500 series. In addition to being quieter, the dishwasher also features advances which make operability easier.

Capacitive touch control

The touch controls feature a capacitive design. Unlike resistive surfaces, users must touch the pad with their fingers or a capacitive pen/stylus. The touch sensor is more natural to operate than older dishwasher adjustment settings. It is also more intuitive and replaces mechanical buttons on the dishwasher. This result in a sleek, cleaner look, and easy operability with the dishwasher series.

Smartphone alerts

Some of the Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher models feature smartphone alerts. This feature connects with the Bosch Home Connect Smartphone app. This app allows owners to reorder dishwasher tablets directly from their smartphone or tablet. It also allows owners to monitor and control the dishwasher. Adjust times, cycles, and other settings, to reduce energy consumption.

How We Reviewed

We reviewed several Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher models to help consumers choose the best one. In our review, we concentrate on features, design, and advancements. We also compared the price range, so consumers can find a model that fits their budget. Ease of use, wash cycles, and energy consumption, are also important areas that we reviewed. These features make it easier for customers to find the best Bosch dishwasher.

The Top Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher Models Available

When comparing the different Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher models, homeowners should consider several aspects. Not only the price, but features, ease of use, and energy efficiency, also. These are a few of the best selling models in the 800 family series by Bosch.

[amazon link=”B06Y2K1FNP” title=”Bosch SHX878WD5N 800 Series”]

[amazon box=”B06Y2K1FNP”]

This dishwasher features six wash cycles, a delay start function, and adaptive third rack. The rack allows owners to place dishes and small items intuitively, to fit more pieces and ensure a better clean. With the third rack, there are 16 place settings. Therefore, owners can wash dishes from a dinner party, in a single load.

The stainless-steel finish and interior are incredibly durable. The dishwasher is also extremely quiet when operating, and it features a compartment for lids and small items. Small items don’t break in the dishwasher. And, owners don’t have to worry about losing small pieces in the dishwasher blades.

Some customers complain the interior capacity is not large enough. Even with the third rack, the close finish doesn’t allow placement of many items during a wash cycle.

[amazon link=”B010RX21ZQ” title=”Bosch SPX68U55UC 18-inch 800 Series Dishwasher”]

[amazon box=”B010RX21ZQ”]

The dishwasher features 10 place settings and quiet 44 dBA operation cycle. The Euro Tub and AquaStop Plus Protection. The protection is to help prevent leaks in the dishwasher, especially if owners run the machine regularly. By adequately flowing water throughout the system, it won’t back up.The stainless-steel exterior is durable and looks modern. It fits in well with the kitchen decor. It also features the third rack design, so it is easier to stack dishes in multiple positions. Issues with operations and settings tend to occur after several months of use. These issues limit how the dishwasher operates, and settings owners can choose from when running cycles.

[amazon link=”B07WHF2W8G” title=”Bosch 800 Series Top Control SHXM98W75N”]

[amazon box=”B07WHF2W8G”]

The dishwasher is extremely quiet, at only 39 dBA. It has the MyWay Rack which allows owners to fit more dishes and ensure they’re clean easily. The touch control technology is adaptive and easy to set. With variable wash cycle settings, it reduces energy consumption as well.

It features an Eco cycle. This cycle reduces the total wash time and reduces overall energy consumption. Short wash sequences also reduce the amount of water the machine uses, while still guaranteeing a professional clean.

Some reviewers indicate items don’t clean thoroughly with specific wash settings. Depending on soil levels some reviewers state it’s best to rinse dishes before running the cycle.

[amazon link=”B06Y2K8Q88″ title=”Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher SHXM78W55N”]

[amazon box=”B06Y2K8Q88″]

At 42 dBA, the dishwasher is quieter than predecessor models and other top name-brands in the market. It has the adaptive third row, MyWay Rack. This feature allows users to quickly place more dishes and small items in a single cycle. It ultimately reduces wash times and operation times.

The dishwasher is available in multiple colors. It also allows for up to 30 percent more storage inside, with the third rack. The touch control features a quick cycle mode, cleaning dishes in a fraction of the full wash cycle time. The Precision wash system also eliminates the need to pre-rinse dishes.

The machine features an extra dry feature after the wash. Reviewers indicate, however, that it does not work. Many reviewers state the dishes remain wet after the dry cycle. Therefore, owners have to hand dry them after running the machine.

[amazon link=”B010RWVTVO” title=”Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher SPV68U53UC”]

[amazon box=”B010RWVTVO”]

With an 18-inch interior capacity and Energy Star certification, this dishwasher is highly efficient. Operating at 44 dBA, it isn’t deafening, so owners won’t hear it from other rooms in the home. A built-in water softener, also ensures dishes come out without spots or stuck on dirt.

The RackMatic design features a third rack built-in. This rack system allows owners to place dishes in one of nine different positions. It fits more dishes than traditional two-rack dishwashers, allowing users to reduce the number of wash cycles.

The interior space features a plastic wire and frame cover. Some reviewers indicate that this causes a harsh odor after wash cycles. That’s especially true if the machine is not completely dry after use. The drying cycle doesn’t operate efficiently either. Bowls and dishes do not dry in the dishwasher, requiring hand-drying after each run cycle.

[amazon link=”B07JH8X48W” title=”Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher SGE68U55UC 24-inch”]

[amazon box=”B07JH8X48W”]

The dishwasher operates quietly at 44 dBA. It also features the RackMatic system with the third-rack built-in. This design allows users to place more dishes in a single cycle. It also offers three height levels, so large plates or bowls come out clean, with all wash cycle settings. The dishwasher features six automatic cycles, including a quick cycle. For shorter wash times, this is an excellent feature if owners are in a hurry.

The dishwasher features a 24-hour delay start option. If owners are away from home, they can set the dishwasher for a later time. It also has a child lock safety feature. This safety feature means it won’t open during operation if the kids come around to play with the machine. Energy Star certification also means your energy bills are lower, even if running the dishwasher daily.

The dishwasher only comes with a one-year warranty. So, if parts malfunction or the machine stops functioning after this time, owners incur additional repair costs.




[amazon link=”B06Y2K1FNP” title=”Bosch SHX878WD5N”]

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[amazon link=”B010RX21ZQ” title=”Bosch SPX68U55UC 18-inch”]

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[amazon link=”B07WHF2W8G” title=”Bosch SHXM98W75N”]

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[amazon link=”B07JH8X48W” title=”Bosch SGE68U55UC 24-inch”]

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The Best Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher Model

There are many series available from the Bosh 800 Series Dishwasher family. 30 total models are available to choose from when buying a dishwasher. For those who want something smaller in capacity, the 800 Series 44 Decibel model is a great option. It has an internal 18-inch size, so fits into compact kitchen spaces. It also has several cycles and settings to select. Although it is a little louder than other models in the series, it is still reasonably quiet. The model is also available in stainless steel, white, and black. So, homeowners can choose the model which matches best with the other appliances in the kitchen.

For those looking for a larger interior capacity, the Bosch SGE68U55UC 24 inch model is a great option. The larger internal space allows you to put taller dishes and large bowls in the same cycle. With the third-rack and nine position options, it eliminates the need for two wash cycles. Even if you’re hosting a large dinner party, you can fit all the dishes into a single wash load. The larger capacity can handle more plates and bowls than smaller dishwashers. With intuitive controls and touch settings, the machine remembers the settings you choose most frequently. And, it also features quick wash cycles. With preset controls and a water softener, the dishes come out spot-free, with each cycle.

Bosch is a leader in technology and one of the top-selling dishwasher brands. For those who are looking for the latest in the series, the Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher is it. With several models to consider, these are a few of the leading sellers, and models with top-ratings by owners.


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