Maytag Dishwasher Review – A Buyer’s Guide for Choosing the Best One

maytag dishwasher

Are you looking into a new dishwasher for your home? If so, then look no further than a Maytag dishwasher, one of the best appliances you can invest in. Not only are they owned by the largest home appliance manufacturer in the world (Whirlpool), but they've also been making dishwashers for over half a century.

Maytag is a company that you can rely on when it comes to home appliances. So, if you're tired of washing dirty dishes for the whole family by hand, check out a Maytag dishwasher today. You’ll thank yourself every day after!

The Maytag Brand 

Maytag is one of the most well-known and trusted home appliance brands in the United States. The Maytag brand has a such a rich history that you could write a book. They have always produced high-quality commercial dishwasher and home appliances and continue to do so today. The brand started over 125 years ago, and controls 17 additional brands and is now owned by the Whirlpool Corporation. There are 14 Maytag manufacturing facilities in North America. 

Maytag Dishwashers

maytag dishwasher

As far as dishwashers go, Maytag is a true front runner and always has been. There are two main types of Maytag dishwashers: top-control, and front-control. Both Maytag dishwasher types come with the most robust dishwashing motor in the industry. Maytag dishwashers come with plenty of extra features such as fingerprint resistant exteriors, PowerDry, PowerBlast, automatic temperature controls, and other advanced cycle options.

Maytag Dishwasher FAQs 

Any home appliance purchasing decision should be as well informed as possible. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions people have about Maytag dishwashers. 

How do I properly load my dishwasher?

Can I add more dishes to the load during a cycle?

How long do cycles take in a Maytag dishwasher?

How do I use a heated dry cycle with my Maytag dishwasher?

Why won’t my dishwasher start?

Why does my new Maytag dishwasher have a strange odor?

What to Consider Before Buying a Maytag Dishwasher

Before spending your hard earned money on a major appliance, you need to do as much research as possible. Here are a few things to consider while shopping for the best Maytag dishwasher.


Select a dishwasher that is the proper size for your kitchen. Standard dishwashers typically take up 18 to 24 inches of space under the kitchen counter. Compact models are smaller and sometimes fit on top of the counter or inside a cabinet. Also, take the room inside the dishwasher into consideration. A regular dishwasher has eight to ten place settings. Some models have even more room. Compact dishwashers typically have six place settings.

Wash cycle

The number of wash cycles that a dishwasher comes with is another crucial aspect to think about before selecting an appliance for your kitchen. Depending on the build and brand, dishwasher wash cycles may include economy, light, regular, heavy-duty, pots and pans, rinse, and more. Some dishwashers even come with a 24-hour delayed start function for wash cycles. Certain cycles require more power and consume more water, choosing an appliance with multiple settings not only allows you more options but potentially saves you money as well.

Cycle time

Dishwashers tend to take slightly over an hour to complete the most basic cycle. Advanced cycles can even take up to four hours. Select a dishwasher with a target cycle time that you are comfortable with. Just remember that longer cycles don’t necessarily mean that your dishes will come out any cleaner.

Power and water usage

One of the most important aspects to address when buying a dishwasher is the amount of energy and water that it consumes during each cycle. Selecting an Energy Star certified appliance is a great way to reduce the annual expense of running a dishwasher


Many higher-end dishwashers, such as a Maytag dishwasher, come with soil sensors. These sensors give live readings to the appliances computer which in turn monitors and adjusts the water levels, temperatures, and the amount of detergent used for each load. Dishwashers with sensors may cost a few dollars extra, but they also reduce costs.


The dBA sound rating is an essential factor to check. There are many excellent dishwashers on the market with horrible dBA sound ratings. If the level of noise that your dishwasher operates with is something you're concerned about, definitely look for a DBA of less than 50.


The type of filter that comes with a dishwasher is another crucial aspect to consider. There are two main filter types available: self-cleaning and standard. A self-cleaning filter reduces the amount of maintenance that your appliance will need. However, it will also raise the dBA sound rating of your machine. Standard filters require a bit more effort to remove and clean. They also allow for quieter operations.

Extra features

Last but not least, the additional features and advanced functions that come with a dishwasher are incredibly critical to pay attention to when shopping around. Automatic temperature controls, last cycle recall, rinse aid, heated dry, delayed start, and touch controls, for example, are some of the extra features included in many Maytag dishwashers. Look for an appliance with all the beneficial features and functions that you desire. 

How We Reviewed

To bring you the most accurate list of the best Maytag Dishwashers of 2018, we searched the internet high and low. We looked at dishwasher review sites, dishwasher forums, manufacturer and retailer product descriptions, customer reviews, ratings, and more. What we came up with is a list of the most reliable and beneficial dishwashers that Maytag has to offer. 

The Best Maytag Dishwashers 

Here are the top Maytag dishwashers to purchase. There aren’t many variations. However, each model is built to last and comes with the most potent dishwasher motors around.

[amazon link=”B0751SNM9C” title=”24-Inch Top Control Dishwasher With Power Dry Option” /]

[amazon box=”B0751SNM9C”]

The first item on our list is one of the most impressive Maytag dishwashers currently in production. It comes with all the best features including automatic temperature controls, last cycle recall, PowerDry, rinse aid and a built-in sensor. The exterior is fingerprint resistant, and it has a true hold door. There are 5 wash cycles, three spray arms, and 14 place settings. It’s also Energy Star certified and has a dBA of 48. There are two standard racks, a coverable silverware basket on the bottom, and a fold-down wire cup shelf up top.

[amazon link=”B07JCKRK9M” title=”Stainless Steel Tub Dishwasher” /]

[amazon box=”B07JCKRK9M”]

This item is the most affordable Maytag dishwasher on our list. It is Energy Star certified, runs on 15amps/60Hz, and has a respectable 50 dBA. The dishwasher comes with automatic temperature controls, a four-blade stainless steel chopper, and five wash cycles, though it lacks the last cycle recall function. It is available in white and black. The product’s dimensions are 24.5 inches deep, 34.5 inches high, and 23.9 inches wide. The interior has a 24-inch stainless steel tub, three wash arms, 14 place settings, and 2 racks as well as a bottom silverware rack.


Key Features:

  • PowerBlast® Cycle 
  • Most Powerful Motor on the Market1 
  • 4-Blade Stainless Steel Chopper  

The second 24-inch top control Maytag on our list comes with a 2-position removable top shelf, 2 standard racks, and a bottom silverware container with cover. It has a true hold door with a pocket handle and is available in a white or black exterior. It has a dishwasher sensor, last cycle recall, automatic temperature controls, and rinse aid but lacks a PowerDry feature. There are five wash cycles and three spray arms plus a four-blade stainless steel chopper for disintegrating food particles. The dishwashers dimensions are 23.9 inches wide, 34.5 inches high, and 24.5 inches deep. It is also Energy Star certified and has a 50 dBA sound rating. It also comes with a limited ten-year parts warranty.


Key Features:

  • Most Powerful Motor on the Market4 
  • 4-Blade Stainless Steel Chopper 
  • PowerBlast® Cycle

This top control dishwasher from Maytag registers at an almost silent 47 dBA sound rating. It’s Energy Star certified, has touch controls, and runs on 8amps/60Hz. It comes with automatic temperature controls, a soil level sensor, PowerBlast, heated dry, and rinse aid, but it lacks last cycle recall. The dishwasher has a falt style true hold door with a pocket handle and a fingerprint-resistant exterior. Inside there are 2 standard adjustable racks, 1 cup shelf, and 4 stemware holders, and a 24-inch stainless steel tub. The product’s dimensions are 24.5 inches deep, 34.5 inches high, and 23.9 inches wide.

 The dishwasher comes with a ten-year limited parts warranty.

[amazon link=”B06Y2HBT65″ title=”Stainless Steel Tub Dishwasher with Large Capacity” /]

[amazon box=”B06Y2HBT65″]

This stainless steel dishwasher has a high-quality 24-inch tub and the most powerful motor on the market. Its dimensions are 34.5 inches high, 23.9 inches wide, and 24.5 inches deep. The dishwasher is Energy Star certified, runs on 15 amps/60hz, and has a dBA of 50. It comes with 14 place settings, 2 racks, a silverware rack, and a bonus cup shelf. There are five cycles, three wash arms, automatic temperature controls, and the last cycle recall feature. It also has a fingerprint-resistant exterior.

The large capacity stainless steel tub dishwasher from Maytag is available on their website. There is a ten-year limited parts warranty with this dishwasher. 

The Winningist Maytag Dishwasher of All

Maytag’s best dishwasher to purchase is the Top Control 47 dBA Dishwasher in the fingerprint-resistant finish. The inside is large enough for 14 place settings, including stemware. Also, only is it one of the quietest dishwashers on the market, but it’s loaded with extra features and functions too. Automatic temperature controls, a soil sensor, heated dry, and PowerBlast are just a few of the benefits this machine has to offer.

Are you thinking about purchasing one of the Maytag dishwashers from our list? Or perhaps you already own one? We’d love to hear all about your experiences with Maytag in the comments section below!

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