The Whirlpool WDT920SADM Review: Is This the Dishwasher for You?

When the media portrays someone doing the dishes, there’s usually laughter, sunshine, and smiles. In reality, most of us know that doing the dishes looks and sounds much different than that. Burnt on food, yelling at your kids to do their part, grease stains, and pans too big for the dishwasher are only a few things that pop to mind. Of course, it’s nice to know that there are machines on the market today that make these things as possible. Is the Whirlpool WDT920SADM a machine to save you some hassle, or does this dishwasher fall flat?

Since there are thousands of dishwashers on the market these days, it’s tough to find one that you know will perform well. Most people want a machine that’s affordable, reliable, and will get the job done. We can’t guarantee that any dishwasher will bring sunshine, giggles, and lilting music into your life. But, we can find out if one works like it says it should.

Let’s Talk About the Whirlpool WDT920SADM

First, it’s time to tell you a little bit about the Whirlpool WTD920SADM. This machine doesn’t seem to fall short on features. This ENERGY STAR® certified dishwasher comes loaded with quite a few goodies.

Features of the Whirlpool WDT920SADM

First, the Whirlpool WTD920SADM comes equipped with a Sensor Cycle. The machine itself senses the soil level and load size on its own. The dishwasher uses two different sensors to check during the prewash and again during the wash cycle. That information informs the machine and selects which wash and dry cycle will be the best choice for that load.

The dishwasher also has a TotalCoverage Spray Arm with multiple spray patterns and nozzles to ensure even those hard to reach areas see some action. Additionally, the machine also includes a TargetClean™ Option. This option will allow you to use 40 “targeted spray jets in a designated area,” that will scour away all those hard-to-wash baked-on foods.

Other features

The Whirlpool WTD920SADM has an in-door silverware basket that is sure to save a ton of room in the bottom rack. Also, because the basket is there, there’s space for some extra spray nozzles. This machine has directed spray jets that hit the basket and get off even the most stubborn stuck-on food.

This machine takes only one hour to do a complete cycle with one of the short-cycle options. After each use, the dishwasher will remember which cycle you picked for next time so you won’t have to. It’s quiet too.

Extra space

The Whirlpool WTD920SADM has several different wash cycles, aside from the sensor cycle. You can choose to run a normal cycle, a Sani Rinse option, a Heavy cycle, a heated dry option, or the High-Temperature wash option. And, you can even keep track of where the machine is during the wash with the Cycle Status Indicator.

As a bonus, Whirlpool placed the controls on top of the door panel. Therefore, you can’t see the controls after you shut the door. That feature also blocks tiny fingers and accidental bumps. The hidden panel also adds to the sleek look of the monochromatic stainless steel front.

Finally, if you are like most families, the dishes you use changes every day, and each load is totally different. Whirlpool thought of that with this machine. It comes complete with an upper rack that you can adjust up and down by a full two inches. On top of that, this dishwasher also has sliding and adjustable tines. You can move the tines in any direction to both make room and help hold down smaller items that tend to float away — or you can put them flat down when you need room for those large items.


Of course, when you spend hundreds of dollars on an item, you want it to work for a long time. In our research, we found something that will interest you. We learned, from multiple sources, that the Whirlpool brand is one of the most reliable brands available today. Consumer Reports said that Whirlpool is among the top most reliable brands on the market. Also, we found A Yale Appliance review that stated Whirlpool is the brand that requires the least amount of repairs out of all the brands out there.

How We Reviewed the Whirlpool WTD920SADM

We don’t report to any corporate interests, and our only job is to bring you the truth. To find out about this machine, we located every outlet that sells or used to sell the Whirlpool WTD920SADM. Then, we dug in and read what people said about their experiences. We never get our information from a single source, and we found as many as we could locate to ensure that we bring you a complete snapshot of this machine.

What Real Customers Have to Say About the Whirlpool WDT920SADM

In this section, we will talk about what actual customers have to say about Whirlpool’s WDT920SADM. Here’s where we get down and dirty, and we bring you the absolute truth about this dishwasher.

The good

Several users like the stainless steel tub and the hidden controls, on this machine. Other reviews state that this dishwasher is incredibly quiet — customers reported that the indicator light is great because otherwise, you would never know when the dishwasher finishes. Other users say that they are incredibly pleased with how many dishes fit in this machine as well as how clean they get. And finally, many reviewers love this machine because of its ability to work as advertised.

Here are a few more features that people said they love:

  • The heating element is great and dries things on the top rack (many machines no longer have a heating element)
  • The wide variety of loading options
  • Cleans better than their old machine
  • The adjustable rack
  • The adjustable prongs

The bad

Finally, we know that nothing is perfect, so let’s talk about the bad reviews. First, some users report that the soap dispenser isn’t large enough for the pods, you must use powder instead. Secondly, several customers report that the silverware basket is “awkward,” and they can’t fit all their cutlery in there because the slots to keep them all separate are too small.

Additionally, a few users stated that their machines broke early — the handle on the silverware basket, the buttons, and the front handle seem to be problem areas on a few dishwashers. A few customers reported that they don’t like that most of the wash cycles take over three hours to complete.

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Compare the Whirlpool WTD920SADM to Other Popular Brands

Next, we have the comparison shopping portion of the program. We will compare the Whirlpool WTD920SADM to machines from other companies. The dishwashers we found have similar features to the Whirlpool. Today, we compared the Whirlpool to a machine from Amana, Maytag, and KitchenAid.

Amana ADB1500ADS

First up, we have the Amana ADB1500ADS. The Amana is more widely available online than the Whirlpool. It also has very comparable features, including a SoilSense Cycle. The Amana also includes Sofsound technology that makes the machine run at 55 decibels. Remember, the Whirlpool WDT920SADM runs at 46 decibels. Other features of the Amana include:

  • Triple filter system during the wash cycles
  • One-hour washing cycle for lightly soiled loads
  • Room for 12 place settings
  • Internal heater to dry dishes
  • High-temp wash
  • A selection that allows you to delay machine for up to 24 hours
  • Sanitation cycle
  • Flat electronic controls on top of the door like the Whirlpool
  • Available in black

User thoughts

People were pleased with the Amana’s “sleek” appearance, top-door control panel, and many reports that it cleans as it should. Additionally, a few users stated that they liked the design — both how much room there is inside as well as the fact that you can wash little items on the top rack without them flipping over. Also, most users report that this machine is “quiet enough.”

On the downside, though, there are many reports that the machine stays wet inside, even after running a dry cycle. A couple of customers said that they experienced equipment failure after only a year-and-a-half, like a dead motor. Also, a few users reported that not only does the machine stay damp inside, but the water also won’t drain at all.

Maytag MDB8989SHB

Second, we compared the Whirlpool to the Maytag MDB8989SHB. Like the other two, this dishwasher has controls on top and a Powerdry option. However, unlike the other two, the Maytag has a “third level rack.” According to Maytag, this dishwasher includes the most powerful motor on the market. Also, the tub inside is stainless steel.

  • A long as well as a short Powerdry option
  • Easy electronic touch controls
  • The third level rack includes an adjustable tray
  • Available in black, white, and “fingerprint resistant” stainless steel
  • Sound quality: 48 decibels
  • Stainless steel basket for silverware
  • Stainless steel four-blade chopper to get rid of all that stuck-on food
  • Powerblast® cycle

User thoughts

Several users report that the Maytag dishwasher runs quiet, cleans very well, and gets the dishes fairly dry when used on the long dry cycle. Other users report that the machine has plenty of room inside and looks stylish in their kitchen.

On the negative side, a few people claim that the machine breaks too easily. For example, one reviewer said the door broke several times from a simple brush with someone’s hip. A few users reported that the chopping blades do not work as advertised and food particles remain in the bottom of the dishwasher.

KitchenAid KDTE304GPS

Third, we compared the Whirlpool WTD920SADM to the KitchenAid KDTE304GPS. Like the Maytag, the KitchenAid comes with a PrintShield stainless steel front. And like the Whirlpool, it has a single-touch ProWash™ Cycle that scans the dishes and makes internal adjustments automatically.

  • Sound: 46 decibels
  • Third-level rack included
  • An option that lets you wash bottles
  • Upper rack made with SatinGlide for smoother motions
  • Heating element for drying
  • A short-cycle express wash
  • Two rows of foldable tines on the upper rack

User thoughts

Overall, customers really like this KitchenAid dishwasher. Many users state the machine gets dishes perfectly clean and shiny as well as dry when they use the heat cycle. On top of that, many people state this machine is incredibly quiet as well as large enough for all their needs.

On the negative side, a few users experienced faulty equipment failures like dead motors and malfunctioning lights. Additionally, others reported that their dishes do not come out as dry as they should.

Pros and Cons of the Whirlpool WDT920SADM

Finally, now that we covered all our bases above let’s break things down a little. In this section, we will talk about the ultimate pros and cons of the Whirlpool WTD920SADM.


  • Adjustable upper rack
  • Adjustable tines
  • Automatic sensor cycles that let the machine do all the guesswork
  • The heating element gets everything dry
  • Hidden controls
  • Runs very quietly
  • Memory function that recalls the last cycle used
  • Several cycles to choose from
  • Available sanitation cycle
  • Silverware basket in the door


  • Silverware basket slots too small
  • Soap dispenser not large enough for popular detergent pods
  • Some parts break too easily
  • A few of the cycles can take over three hours

The Whirlpool WTD920SADM Will save Your Wallet, Is It Worth It?

Finally, it’s time for you to decide if the Whirlpool WTD920SADM is the machine for you. Obviously, aside from the silverware basket annoying a few folks, and some minor breakdowns, this machine seems to perform as advertised. We can tell you that’s not always the case.

Whatever you decide, we hope that your new machine brings a little sunshine and smiles into your lives. If nothing else, hopefully, a new dishwasher will encourage the tiny humans in the house to pitch in a little bit.


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