GE Profile Dishwasher Review And Guide – Pros And Cons

GE Profile Dishwasher

Washing dishes is the worst chore. It ranks right up there with cleaning the bathroom. Luckily, though, the GE Profile Dishwasher series makes it so much easier.

Once you buy one of these bad boys, you never have to worry about standing at the sink for hours after Thanksgiving dinner. Scraping stuck on food off of plates while your children destroy the rest of your house is no longer an issue.

Instead of the stress that usually comes with after meal clean-up, you can load your excellent dishwasher, sit down, and finally relax.

What is the GE Profile Dishwasher?

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The GE Profile dishwasher is a series of dishwashers. Even though each dishwasher model was designed with different price points in mind, all GE Profile dishwasher models aim to add something to the cleaning experience you’ve come to expect from other dishwashers.

With that in mind, we outline some of the key features of the GE Profile dishwashers below.

Key Features

The GE Profile dishwashers contain up to four bottle jets within the upper rack. These bottle jets help to deliver a deeper clean into glasses, crockery, and silverware than would otherwise be possible.

This feature is perfect if you have any tall glasses or bottles, as the bottle jets can reach the very top of the glass for that extra clean.

It’s always frustrating to see dirt or food left on silverware after you’ve put it through the dishwasher.

Thankfully, the GE Profile dishwasher series helps to ensure cleaner silverware every time through the use of water jets. These water jets work by shooting water up to the silverware holder, to clean away any stubborn stains or food which may otherwise have remained on your knives, forks, and spoons.

Finally, one of the most appealing selling points of the GE Profile dishwashers is their reversing quad blades.

These blades, with the help of 25 spray jets, reverse direction to ensure wide cleaning coverage throughout the dishwasher, while helping to produce consistent cleaning results with every wash cycle.

A Quiet and Environmentally Friendly Clean

Anyone who’s owned a noisy kitchen appliance knows how annoying it can be. GE understood this and designed the GE Profile dishwashers to be as quiet as possible.

With some models advertised as having a low 42dB sound level, these series of dishwashers deliver when it comes to providing a quiet wash cycle.

Also, many of us try to be more environmentally conscious in our daily lives, and this extends to how energy efficient our kitchen appliances are. The GE Profile dishwasher range has been given the Energy Star rating.

The Energy Star rating is government-backed and is designed to identify products that are energy efficient.

For an even more environmentally-friendly wash cycle, there should also be an “eWash” cycle option, which aims to provide an energy efficient clean.

Know the Differences Between Models

You should expect to see relatively consistent cleaning times across all of the models, with cycles averaging around 150 minutes for each model. They all also include a moveable upper rack, in order to help fit in large items.

Additionally, the models all have manual filters, which help to keep the noise level down.

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Aside from each model offering different colors, there are other differences between the GE Profile dishwashers. For example, the GE Profile PDF820SSJSS has its control panel on the front of the door, while the GE Profile PDT846SSJSS and PDT855SSJSS both have hidden control panels.


As with any range of dishwashers, the prices of the models vary. While you can expect to buy lower-end models, such as the GE Profile PDF820SSJSS, for almost a thousand dollars, the more expensive models, such as the PDT855SSJSS, could set you back around a couple of grand.

As such, it’s important when selecting your dishwasher to ensure that the additional features and capabilities offered with the extra price tag are worth it.

In respect of the PDT855SSJSS, while it has its appeal, the model is not without issue, as we highlight in the “Pros and Cons” section below.

If you’re looking to buy any dishwasher within the GE Profile range, then an excellent place to start your search is on Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, or directly from the manufacturer.

How The GE Profile Dishwasher Compares to Other Major Brands

Before buying a dishwasher, it’s always worth making sure you’re getting the best value for money within your price range.

As such, we compare how the GE Profile dishwashers stack up against other comparable models, such as the LG LDT9965BD and the Bosch SHXN87PW55N.

When it comes to the LG LDT9965BD, it is comparable to the upper end of the GE Profile dishwasher models regarding price.

The LG LDT9965BD can come with a black stainless color scheme, which some buyers may prefer, and also offers a third rack in the dishwasher, which is ideal for silverware.

Another comparable brand to the GE Profile range is the Bosch SHXN87PW55N. It is a great alternative dishwasher to the GE Profile if you value quietness and energy efficiency. The Bosch SHXN87PW55N also has an Energy Star rating and also operates at 42 dBA.

The model also comes with a range of cleaning options. For example, there's a half load cycle available as well as a cycle that can clean dishes in around an hour.

At around a thousand dollars, the Bosch SHXN87PW55N is cheaper than some of the GE Profile models, and also offers different features, such as a light that shines on the floor whenever the dishwasher is running.

Equally, when it comes to what matters, the Bosch model also delivers a great clean.

This means that, in many ways, the Bosch model is very comparable in performance to the GE Profile range, so it’s a case of personal preference as to which dishwasher would be better for you.


  • Easy to use control panel with a range of cycle options
  • Fantastic at cleaning glassware due to the bottle jets
  • Good rinsing function
  • check-circle
    The models look good, particularly options in slate
  • check-circle
    Incredibly quiet with an Energy Star rating
  • check-circle
    Flexible loading is available with a moveable upper rack
  • check-circle
    The PDT855SSJSS comes with built-in Wi-Fi


  • Installation instructions could be clearer
  • Load capacity not as high as competitor models
  • The higher-end models, such as the PDT855SSJSS, don’t seem to clean any better than cheaper models
  • ban
    Not all top-end models have a third rack, which most competitors would have at that price point

Finding The Best Dishwasher For You

Ultimately, which GE Profile dishwasher model you choose to buy will depend on a range of factors, including price, the color scheme you would like.

What's more, the model you'd most like will depend on whether you’d like extras such as Wi-Fi connectivity.

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If you’re looking for a dishwasher that just cleans dishes and glasses well, then you’re better off buying a model within the lower end of the price range. 

This is because the quality of clean does not appear to improve with the more expensive models substantially. In this case, models PDW1860KSS, PDT145SSLSS, or the PDW1800KWW would be perfect for you.

If you want something a little bit more high-end, with all the bells and whistles, models PDT855SIJII, PDT855SFLDS, or PDT855SBLTS are better choices for you and your family.

Of course, there are other competitor models on the market, such as the LG LDT9965BD and Bosch SHXN87PW55N.

For example, while the LG LDT9965BD may be a better choice for someone looking for a top-end dishwasher, due to its better overall cleaning, some may prefer the GE Profile models for their overall usability.

Overall, it’s best to research your future dishwasher as much as possible, and see the model in person before you buy.


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